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I recently purchased a PC104, what operating systems can be purchased to run these boards.

I have a Compact Flash Card aa a hard drive using windows 95 and 98 which writes continusly to the compact flash.

I would imagine this would shorten the life of the card. Would I be best using "CE" or Linix, C++, Dos etc.

Thanks Simon

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Simon Colins
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If you're dead set on spending money, I can't help you. But DR-DOS, FreeDOS and Linux will work just fine on most PC/104 CPU's. They're actually an ISA based PC on one or more cards. I have done quite a bit with them over the past half-dozen years.

Bob McConnell N2SPP

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Bob McConnell


Or turn off swap files page file setc. Or setup a RAM disk?


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You can use DOS. Here you can find out heaps C++, C# and VB source code running under DOS and Windows. You can make your DOS or Windows controller to be Web-Enabled, link your sensors to your web browsers.

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