For prospecting, I use a GPS connected to a PC104 through the serial port for reading the data. At the moment Iam just using windows 95.

Is there any other operating systems around and software that can read the data from a GPS or other scientific instruments that plugs into the serial port and manipulate to give high resolution graphics from the data that is being read.

Thanks Clay

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Clay Millar
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Any OS can read NMEA sentences from a serial GPS device: Linux/Unix, Windows, WinCE/PocketPC, PalmOS...

What GPS data do you want to display? Do you mean simply plotting your location based on GPS location data? I believe there is such software for Linux but the name escapes me right now. Check with the WiFi scanner tool sites, you'll find links to such software there.

There's a piece of Windows freeware called USA Photo Maps

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that can just read the GPS location data and plot your position on top of USGS aerial photo data. It's neat. The only problem is that the publicly-available USGS aerial photos are about 15 years old. :-(


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