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I have a web server in my DS 101 Synology. The .htaccess is ok, but I
the authentification fails with the .htpasswd file (crypted with my
Debian Sarge 3.1).

How can I have a good crypted password (in fact, where can I find a
useful tool to crypt passwords for my Synology)?


Francois A.

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Re: htpasswd / Synology

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I think apache should have a tool called "htpasswd", I found two manpages (Apache 1.3) (Apache 2.0)
You could compile this tool for your target machine and let it crypt by
itself; because if you crypt the passwords on the same machine, it should
work under all circumstances. is a web-based crypter, usable for some
simple passwords... same goes here, including
the user name.
Here you can crypt passwords and compare them against your own. Maybe your
crypt on Debian is somewhat broken.

Hope this helps;

Re: htpasswd / Synology
Hello ,

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   If you place your .htpasswd file, which is not under web root
location, that is a good enough security/the best security. You need to
update your .htaccess accordingly with the new location!

Best Regards,
Vivekanandan m

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