Qusestion: about path of .htpasswd for thttpd web server

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Dear all,

I am tring thttpd web server in ARM9+uClinux, and find a problem:

I put my web pages under /home/httpd,
and put .htpasswd ifle under /home/httpd,
the authorization of thttpd work well.

In my system requirment,
I should put .htpasswd under a R/W directory but a R directory, such as
After a user login web server,
the user can change the user:password.

When I put the authorization file .htpasswd under /etc/.htpasswd,
the authorizaiton of thttpd does't not work at all.

According the manual of thttpd shows .htpasswd should be found under a
local directory,
My question is :

Can I put my .htpasswd under /etc or /var and put web pages under
/home/httpd ?

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