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I'm looking for help on a new open source embedded web server.
Developers, testers and documenters are very welcome.

I previously coded the GoAhead Web server that has been quite widely
deployed, but I wanted to create a next generation architecture that
would serve as a basis for products for the next many years to come. A
new design that would be highly secure  in the face of the current
security climate.

This new version, called AppWeb is designed to be secure from the
start, strong on features and yet is very modular and easy to embed.
It is single or multithreaded, written in C++, support service side
javascript, dynamic content generation, SSL, dynamically loaded
modules, apache compatible configuration == and is a bit faster than

I have released a version 0.8 that is pretty solid, and I'm now ready
to expand the team. The goal is to create an embedded web server that
does not have the limitations of past/existing designs. One that is
highly secure, very fast, rich in features yet modular and embeddable.

Please visit the site and email me if you can help.

Re: New Embedded Web Server

Missed the web site and my email details from my last post.  Sorry.

Michael O'Brien

Re: New Embedded Web Server

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Will it fit in 16k of program space?

Alf Katz
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Re: New Embedded Web Server
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...I have 2K of RAM of which about 512 bytes are free - will it fit?
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Re: New Embedded Web Server
I posted an answer in a previous email with details about our memory footprint.

Michael O'Brien

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Re: New Embedded Web Server

I thought I posted a response, but I can't see it in the group any
more. I wanted to make sure you got my response so here it is again.

Mbedthis AppWeb was designed for embedded systems running 32 bit
operating systems. Although you can design a HTTP server that runs in
very small spaces, 512 bytes would be quite tough. I have previously
developed one that implemented part of the HTTP/1.0 spec and received
and responded to GET messages in a bit over 7K -- But that was quite
limited in functionality. Certainly, it could not have much in the way
of security protection (SSL, Digest authentication etc).

The goals of our project are to create an embeddable web server for
applications or devices running 32 bit operating systems for which the
centralized Apache / ISS model does not work well. The code is very
portable and we are porting to a wide variety of operating systems.
Code sizes vary depending on feature selection. We're still in
pre-release, but current sizes indicate about 100K at the low end. A
bit under 300K at the high end. The high end is multi-threaded, SSL,
digest authentication, server javascript and quite a few other

So sorry I can't help.

Michael O'Brien

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Re: New Embedded Web Server
I think we both know the answer to your question. With the feature
list described, it won't fit in 16K.

There are a couple of different classes of embedded software, all
legitimately embedded, but with quite different memory requirements.

The AppWeb web server ranges from about 120K to 300K all up. As such,
it won't help you for a 16K HTTP server. I'm not saying that you can't
find or write a HTTP server, perhaps even a secure one in 16K -- but
that is not the target of this project.

This project is targeting 32 bit operating systems running embedded
application or applications that need an embedded web server. These
fall into two groups:

- Systems where memory is really not constrained at all (>64MB).
Really PCs or servers running in an embedded fashion. A lot of these
are communications systems, routers, switches etc.
- Systems where memory footprint is tight (<64MB). Sometimes these are
blades in larger systems.

We are not targetting 16 bit systems, systems not running a 32 bit O/S
or very small memory spaces. We are aiming to bring a very rich
feature set to this target space.

Sorry we can't help you out.

Michael O'Brien

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Re: New Embedded Web Server

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    Not according to later responses but ours will.  Still on the drawing
board but we responded to pings this week in under a kilobyte on an 8051
in about 250 microseconds.

    Eventually our Ethernet Gadget will not only provide small webserver
applications but also have sufficient resources and I/O for controller
purposes at the end of a powered Ethernet.

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