Core dump basics

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I need some basic help about core dumps inspection. I'm inspecting
mips core dumps on PC host with a cross gdb (version 6.3).

First of my problems, Linux looks like not dumping shared libraries.

With gdb I need to use "add-symbol-file" and the address where the
shared library was loaded. But is there a way to extract those
informations (library name and address) from the core dump, because
for now I have to look in /proc/<pid>/map before the process crashes :
and this is not always obvious to do this.

Second of my problems, the stack pointer of the process is not always
in the state that gdb is awaiting. So he is complaining about
corrupted stack, and does not print the backtrace in the right way. Is
there a way to print the backtrace, even when the stack pointer was
not yet "prepared" by the called function.

Re: Core dump basics
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The answer to my questions is "solib-search-path".


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