need some help

im a student in 2nd year of engineering(communication & electronics)...i need to have more information about electronics basics....i want to learn more about this field..i want to program mw own chips to use it in many purposes....i want to learn excatly how to make a radio to control things...

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You are a second year engineering student and still don't know how to find this information?


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Tom Biasi

** Try this Indian guy :


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Phil Allison

Well . . . he did say he needed help, and he's right about that.

One wonders why a second year student of electronics would need basics. Perhaps this is communication and electronics ala broadcasting industry disc jockey school.

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When I was an electrical engineering undergrad (Georgia Tech '75-'79), we spent the first two years on primarily on completing general education requirements and building up math skills. We didn't begin studying electronics until the junior year, when we were able to apply linear algebra, differential equations, tensor analysis and various other useful tools to our studies.

Of course, they could have provided some simplified electronics study earlier on, but they apparently believed it was worth the wait to approach electronics more rigorously. Maybe the OP's school follows the same pattern.

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