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Hi, I would like to have information about keyboard interface. It sounds good for my project. Here is what I need for my project.I have 2 computers. One is kind of old using PS/2 Keyboard and mouse and there is a motor controller program on that. What I need to do is I have to take the measurement every time the motor moved. In order to do that I have to input the position number and press ENTER key every move and there are more than

1000 positions to move the motor. So, that why I need some programmable interface card for another computer to contorl and input the position number automatically. It must control delay time between each position or each move as well because of the measuring. Thank you so much for every helps. Tantong S.
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There are a couple of links here you might find helpful:

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Have Fun! Rich

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Rich Grise

Hello Tantong,

Might be able to help. As far as I can make out from your description, you need a device that will mimic a keyboard. This will send a string of numbers followed by an enter code, wait a predetermined time, then send the next set of position numbers.

Is this a correct summary of the situation?

How will you input the 1000 numbers required to set the motors position? Are these positions always the same, in other word, once you have typed all 1000 position numbers into the unit, will you always use the same set of 1000 numbers?



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