build a coax video cable

Depending on the price I may want to build my own coax video cable to connect a "standard" tv to dvd player (and other things).

The video jack is an RCA. It's marked with a yellow band (impedance spec?) What coax cable type is best for building this type of cable?


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RG-59 is standard fare for video and TV use. You can find it at just about any retailer such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

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You are best to stick to 75ohm cable (standard coax). If you want a higher quality signal, look for cable that does not have any PVC for the jacket or Steel for the center conductor. A good starting point for higher quality is any "plenum" rated cable. Radio Shack may carry plenum rated in bulk, otherwise you would have to go,,, etc. etc.

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