Adapter from 6-pin video to RCA composite video

I have a problem with 6-pin video cable used on Leadtek Winfast 2000XP TV card. So, if any of you with experience in this field can help ,e. I will be glad and more than happy.

This Leadtek Winfast TV card has a joined S-video/composite video input, which results in 6-pin input jack, the same as PS/2 connector. The problem is that I do not have adapter for this 6-pin connector, and I am not able to connect any S-video (4 pin) or composite signal to this card. On the internet I have found that 6-pin connector is used in such a way that 4 pins are connected to S-video, and 2 pins to RCA (composite).

My question is how to connect those pins in such a way to make adapter RCA -> 6-pin (PS/2) as I have CCD camera with composite (RCA) output jack, and I need the video signal to be fed to my PC through this TV card.

In the local shop with electronic equipment, the guy told me that I have to use a condenser of around pF when connecting pins from 6-pin video to RCA. I don't have any idea why I should put condenser in the circuit, and I don't know if I need it at all. Can you help in that matter? Do I really need condenser, or I can easili just connect pins from 6-pin video to RCA?

Thank you for your help.

Tomislav Jurkic

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Tomislav Jurkic
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