UK power brick polarity

******** UK power brick polarity

Greetings from France,

Father Christmas has brought us a British cordless telephone with headset --- but lacking its power brick (since wrong plug for France).

To set up a European power supply, I need to learn the polarity of the DC power.

Here's the appearance of the plug to the power inlet for the telephone: (use a constant width font)

-----------\ =======| | -----\ / || || || || = =

Please tell us the British inside / outside polarities.


Laurent S.

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Laurent S.
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In response to what Laurent S. posted in news:

It varies

Usually the iside is positive, but IT VARIES.

Soetimes the polarity is marked on the device.

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Joe Soap

Why not tell us the make and model number so we have a chance to figure it out?


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Ken Taylor

You should have asked Santa for the power brick and a get a plug adaptor.

Most of these mains adaptors are center +ve however some of these adaptors aren't just a constant DC output - some include the current limiting for the battery charging.

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You need to know the voltage as well and there is no such thing as a standard BRITISH polarity . The phone was most likely made in Sweden or China any way. What you need is a phone purchased in France to be qualified for use on the French system and a brick to match.

It is possible a British phone will not work in France and if it does the French telecom may object if they catch you. Some countries are particularly severe on non approved cordless phones.

John G

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John G

If it's a DECT phone he should be ok.

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Why not simply use a mains-plug adaptor? Some years ago, the UK and mainland Europe agreed to standardise their electricity, so now we're all on a nominal 230V.

All you need is a physical adaptor to connect the brick to a French socket. They often sell these for people travelling abroad. I've seen them for sale here in England in supermarkets. They're very common.

One point is, obviously you need French plug IN, and British socket OUT. Holiday mains adaptors sold in France will probably be the other way round. You'll have to shop around, or perhaps get a British friend to post you an adaptor.


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