Xilinx - ucf file parsing errors

The Xilinx memory generator tool generates ucf files that have lines in them such as:

NET "ddr1_top0/data_read0/fifo*_wr_addr(*)" MAXDELAY = 2350ps;

I get parsing errors on both the / and (). I need to replace with _ and like:

NET "ddr1_top0_data_read0_fifo*_wr_addr" MAXDELAY = 2350ps;

Is there a setting for this somewhere?

Thanks Steve

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In ISE6.3 it's in the Synthesis Options (right-click on "Synthesize - XST" in Project Navigator and chose "Properties"): Scroll down, there's two options, "Hierarchy Seperator" (which is for changing _ to / or vide versa) and "Bus Delimiter" (which is for changing () to or vice versa). You might have to activate the advanced settings mode (Menu "Edit" in Project Navigator -> "Preferences" -> "Processes" -> set "Property Display Level" to "Advanced") for these to show up.

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

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