1394 Dcam wiht Xilinx FPGA

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First of all I do not have any experiance with FPGA's because my
background is software programming.

I wonder if anyone has some experiance with FPGA's AND image processing.
What we would like to do in our diploma work is to get a stream from a
dcam compatible cam and process the stream on an FPGA. The FPGA should
be on a PCI board and our School only has the tools for Xilinx.

As we do not have any money for our project we will have to look for a
low cost PCI card, which should not be a problem but the board have some
limitations of course. So we won't find a board with PCI and 1394 on it.
We will therefore concentrate on a PCI board with a Xilinx FPGA, but the
we do not jet know how to get the images from the cam to the FPGA and out.

Has someone experience with 1394 IIDC (Dcam) and FPGA's?
Does anyone about single chip that could handle both 1394/IIDC?
If not would it be hard to handle the whole protocol ourselves?
unexperianced on fpga and vhdl)

Any suggestions welcome

Thanx Nicolas Schwarzentrub

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