EDK 8.1i to EDK 9.1i UCF file errors


In our *working* EDK 8.1i project, we locked a DCM in the following manner in the UCF file (located in /data/system.ucf):

INST dcm_sys/dcm_sys/DCM_INST LOC = DCM_X0Y0; INST ppc405_0/ppc405_0/PPC405_i LOC = PPC405_X1Y0;

The dcm module, named "dcm_sys" in the MHS file did not give us any problems in 8.1i. However, taking the same project (i.e. same MHS, UCF files) and syncing-up to EDK 9.1, I now get the following error during a bit stream generation (in the file xflow.log):

ERROR:NgdBuild:752 - "system.ucf" Line 19: Could not find instance(s) 'dcm_sys/dcm_sys/DCM_INST' in the design. To suppress this error, specify the correct instance name or remove the constraint. The 'Allow Unmatched LOC Constraints' ISE property can also be set ( -aul switch for command line

It seems like that the way that EDK looks at the organization of top-level modules in the MHS file is now different. Any pointers? I tried changing "dcm_sys/dcm_sys/DCM_INST" to "dcm_sys/DCM_INST", but that failed. I suppose I can remove the constrait, but someone else placed that constraint for a reason....



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comment out the DCM LOC in your .ucf file, then run place and route. Open the design in FPGA Editor, find the DCM and look at the instance name. Now uncomment the DCM LOC and substitute the instance name that ISE 9.1i assigned. Rerun the place and route.

Joe Samson
Pixel Velocity
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Joseph Samson

Great suggestion. I tried it and this is the name it uses: dcm_sys/ dcm_sys/Using_Virtex.DCM_INST

For some reason, the new tools appended a prefix "Using_Virtex" to the DCM_INST.

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Answer record 23249 outlines this change:

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