I was just thinking about:

1M/250k = 4 customers, ok?

Why Xilinx, Altera, etc, give us prices for 250k pcs???

DSPs vendors had the same behavior some years ago, but now they use a much more usefull range: price/10k pcs, sometimes price/1k pcs!

Does someone else agree?

Luiz Carlos.

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Luiz Carlos
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Maybe they sells in theses qty for company like Avnet ... then avnet gives the price for 10k, 1k, and even 100 pieces.


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Sylvain Munaut

Yes. And whats more, it would be better if they only advertised products that were actually available.

The time taken to fab a structured-ASIC seems to be less than the lead time for some Xilinx parts ;)

Cheers, JonB

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Jon Beniston

Symon wrote: : Luiz, : Like Sylvain says, you should get your quote for smaller amounts from your : distie. Often, they'll cut you a deal if you're using a lot of other parts : from them. This means that each customer can negotiate a price depending on : their individual situation. I guess Xilinx only supply direct to their : biggest customers which is why they only quote the 250k price. : HTH, All the best, Syms.

For smal quantities , go to

formatting link

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Uwe Bonnes

Hi, I was just reading your post and told myself, so ok, let me say something... Of course you know that out of 1M or 4 x 250K, there would be thousands used by individuals, that already adopted S3 in everyday lifes gadgets, things like portable oscilloscopes or virtual head sets. These were once made up with asics but no more i beleive. And or course if they were to sell it in 1K chunks, then It wouldnt be profitable for them. There is a whole theory about economics here, and maybe for them, its better to be in the higher stratospheric levels that really down on earth. For sure if I were president of X, i would promote my products into the lower cast of society, or even give them away as samples (the ES series). And of course the minqty/order would be lower. That's the ideal world, but its been a while now that I stopped believing in utopia....

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Jacques athow

Give Xilinx a break, the Spartan III has only been released for 6 months or so. Most design cycles are at least 1-2 years. Those 1M are probably mostly sample quantities. But I agree with you 250K pcs is a lot of FPGA's. At my company if we sell 1,000 of one PCB a year we are doing good. Xilinx show give a more ala-cart pcs quantity when posting quotes on there website.

Eric Holland

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price for 10k, 1k, and even 100 pieces.

Yes, maybe. But we (I, you,...) will make products using those FPGAs, not AVNET! We must know the prices. I don't care the price AVNET pays, I want to know the price I'll pay.

Let's suppose a $10 FPGA. 250k*10= $2.5M It's time to think of ASICs, maybe not 90nm whith $1M mask sets, but

130 or 150nm or even older technology.

But ASICs are far from our reality (well, must of us), as are 250k FPGAs!

And I really think that even XILINX, ALTERA, etc, don't sell 250k pcs of those bigger (more expensive) FPGAs in one year.

Luiz Carlos

P.S.: a) Of course I know NuHorizons, AVNET, Insight, etc. But, as I said, I think the information must be addressed to the users. b) I think that discussion about ASICs versus FPGA very nonsense. I don't even dream making an ASIC, and probably the same for 99% of you. What is important is that FPGAs are making some of our dreams come true. I'm really pleased that every day they become larger, faster and cheaper.

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Luiz Carlos

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