Xilinx ISE : How to make Modelsim reload when design changed ?

I've been experimenting with ISE Webpack, and have managed to create a simple schematic, and got the output waveforms in modelsim, however what I can't figure out is how to get modelsim to reload the new data when I change the schematic - After I change the schematic and do 'create schematic symbol', the only way I can get it to simulate the new file is to close and re-launch modelsim - surely there is an easier way...? 'Restart' doesn't seem to do it.

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Mike Harrison
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can get it to simulate

way...? 'Restart'

If the changes are already compiled, try this from the modelsim prompt or .do file:

restart -f; vsim test_mydesign; add wave *; run;

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

If you're starting Modelsim from the ISE process view (e.g. double click on "Simulate Behavioral Model") you are actually starting Modelsim with a script that loads the design, compiles it and runs the simulation (default for 1 microsecond, but this is configurable in the ISE properties). When you change a file inside ISE, make sure it is saved and then rerun the script in modelsim. I find the easiest way to rerun the script is to click on the right pane of the main Modelsim window and then use the up-arrow key to get back the line that ran the script (something like "do testbenchname.fdo")

This basically does the same thing as closing and re-running from inside ISE, but without the added time of re-loading Modelsim. It also preserves your simulation options (like default radix and run time), but you'll need to save your waveform view between runs if you've mad a custom signal list in the wave window.

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