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HI, I have a Xilinx ISE - PACE editor question-

I am using the schematic editor for now just to get familar with the tools and the fact I don't understand a HDL yet.

What Iam trying to do is very basic and I am just missing a step or setting somewhere most likely ...

To reproduce the issue - using ISE 9.2i (or 8.2i)

1) Start ISE project navigator 2) Create a new project called TESTPACE 3) TopLevel source is schematic 4) Family XC95000 CPLD, XC95108, PC84, -7, XST (VHDL/Verilog), MOdelsim XE Verilog, verilog 5) New Source, Schematic, name - top 6) Finish, next, finish 7) Add logic symbol - decoder d2_4e 8) Add7 i/o markers - Leave default names 9) Save top.sch 10) Run Assign package pins 11) UCF file is created message 12) Rreview I/O pins - all are visible and can be placed - close file

- don't save

13) Add second symbol - flip flop - fd 14) remove the i/o marker from D0 on the decoder and run a wire from D0 to C 15) Add I/o markers to D and Q 16) Save top.sch 17) Run Assign package pins 18) only D C and Q are available to be placed (Note why is C available to be placed on a pin when it is now only used internally.

Suggestions welcome.



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One of the known bugs of recent ISE releases requires you to clean up the project (remove old object files). I don't use the schematic flow, but this sounds like one of those issues, i.e. remainders of the first build showing up when you run PACE.

HTH, Gabor

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