Xilinx and Modelsim?

Hi, please forgive me for any ignorance in this question, but I am really lost.

I have tried to get Xilinx ISE Webpack 9.2i to work with modelsim. But it just doesn't seem to work.

Now I am not very familiar with these programs, I am using them because I am doing a school course that uses FPGA and they use Xilinx and Modelsim... I have used them in the labs, but here I am just having trouble to install them.

I am able to installed Xilinx ISE Webpack 9.2i, but I cannot find Modelsim in it, so I googled for Modelsim, installed it, but it doesn't do anything.

I just don't know what's going on or where should I look at... I just want to install the programs!!

Does anyone have any guides on how to get it install and running on Linux? (Kernel 2.6)


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I did not see you write that you had "purchased a license for ModelSim". I would not expect ModelSim to do anything until it can find a valid license. Whoever you buy the license from should be able to help you get things going.

May I recommend that you purchase the Xilinx version (ModelsimXE), as it comes pre-configured to run inside ISE.


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Note that there is also modelsimXSE which is free and might be good enough for small designs.


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Jeff Cunningham

Neither of which works under Linux, as far as I know.

The OP probably has to install Windows as a first step, or find the price of Modelsim SE (or possibly LE, which is crippled to only handle Verilog)

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

I know that Xilinx works with universities to supply boards, chips, and software at very low costs to students (speak up Austen). Perhaps Modeltech (Modelsim) has a similar program. Have you talked to your prof about this? And even for us non-students, there is a free, but limited, version of Modelsim that is available from the Xilinx website. HTH

-Dave Pollum

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Dave Pollum

en what is an appropirate modelsim for vista?

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waing gyi

what is an appropirate modelsim for vista?


You can download ModelSim XE from Xilinx website and request the license key after installing the software. If you do not want to pay for the license fee, then install free version (Starter Edition).

Another way to get ModelSim is to download from Mentor Graphics website

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student_download.asp). They provide free ModelSim PE Student Edition for academic use. You also need to request the license key.

For simulation within ISE WebPACK environment, you need to set the simulator preference. From ISE menu, click Edit --> Preferences, ISE General -> Integrated Tools. Then set the ModelSim simulator path to ModelSim executable binary, i.e,. C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem \modelsim.exe.

Hope it is helpful.


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Chumnarn P.

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