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I haven't been able to use my old testbenches with the new ISE simulator. I get an error saying that the input file was not generated by ISE. True, I used Paint to generate BMP files, and then I use to use ModelSim to simulate the results and output to another BMP file.

I put in a case to Xilinx about this and the engineer told me how to switch the ISE simulation to ModelSim, but said that the "future" was with the ISE simulator.

This raises some questions: Will ModelSim be distributed free with the webpack? Is there any way to open an input file in the new ISE simulator? And if not, will there ever?

Brad Smallridge brad at aivision.com

some of the code:

type char_file is file of character; -- one byte each file my_file : char_file; file my_file2 : char_file; constant file_name : string := "infile.bmp"; constant file_name2 : string := "outfile.bmp";


file_open(my_file, file_name, read_mode); file_open(my_file2, file_name2, write_mode);

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Brad Smallridge
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I hadn't even realized that there WAS an ISE simulator!

ModelSim XE III is a download

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that's separate from both WebPack and ISE, although the current version is included in the ISE distibution.

I never run ModelSim from within the Xilinx tools, and I never allow the Xilinx tools to create a test bench.



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Andy Peters

I thought it was the other way, instead... Any opinions about it?


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Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona

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