Xilinx ISE 6.2i WebPack & project restoration

Hi all,

I am currently using the (gratis) Xilinx ISE 6.2i WebPack for Windows version for developing CPLD and FPGA designs for reasons that shall not be discussed right now ;) First thought was to play a little with the tools that come with it using some application notes code from Xilinx (namely from XAPP137). Well, that first attempt half-way failed due to the fact that I somehow seemed to be unable to restore the archived project that was contained in the xapp137.zip archive from within the Project Navigator. Is this functionality possibly only available in the paid-for version ?

Thanks and regards, Christian Boehme

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Christian E. Boehme
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Restore ?

Need to extract the files from the zip first then add them to a project. Don't think ISE has had a restore function for a while (could be wrong) Remember 2.1 having one.


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Alex Gibson

Yep. The README that is included in the example code speaks of an explicit ``restore''. It goes on to state that merely unzipping the archive and adding the files to the project does _not_ do it. Pretty lame, if you'd ask me ;)

Cheers, Chris

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Christian E. Boehme

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