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Im a poor student who purchased the 6.3 version of the EDK a few months back. Uptill now I have been using the evaluation version of ISE 6.3 (too expensive for me). I have been unable to use the WebPack version of the ISE 6.3 since "all" I have is a Virtex4 LX25. I had been planning to switch to the ISE 7.1 webpack (which supports my device) but I am unable to get it working with my EDK

6.3 installation. I get the following error:

$XILINX does not point to an iSE 6.3 installation

Isnt it possible to use the ISE 7.1 webpack with EKD 6.3 ??


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Peter Særensen
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Hi.. I dunno If I am correct or not..But what I think is that u r having path problems I guess...

-- Parag Beeraka

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I thought you need to have the same version of both to get them to work properly

Either go back to ise 6.3 or wait for edk 7.1

Usually better off staying behind a version or two

Can download old versions of web pack

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If your a university student surely your university can request the full software via XUP Xilinx university program.

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Another option would be to buy a textbook with or by itself the student version of 6.3 which is same as full ise but without any support.

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Alex Gibson

I have bought the Xilinx FPGA S3 Starterkit , and have a ISE Webpack , and a time limited ISE 6.2i

Am i understanding thic correct , that the above is a full ISE6.3i with no timelimit ??? , and i guess the "No support" means no upgrade path possible or ????

Regards Carsten

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If you question is whether Webpack is the full ISE, the answer is no. Webpack doesn't support the largest devices, and it doesn't include the FPGA Editor and Core Generator, and probably has some other pieces left out as well. However, Webpack 6.3i (and 7.1i) are still very useful, and the price is right.

If Webpack had been available for Linux six months ago, I probably wouldn't have purchased a copy of ISE BaseX, but I don't regret it.


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Eric Smith

The "Xilinx Student Edition (XSE) 6.3i" is equivalent to the commercial-edition ISE BaseX 6.3. It includes everything except the "FPGA editor" package and technical-support. Xilinx's CoreGen is included (at least it was included with XSE 2.1 and XSE 4.2) Looking at an old comparison-chart, it doesn't look like ISE BaseX 6.3 supports your Virtex4/LX25.

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