Xilinx Webpack ISE and Verilog-2001?

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Does Xilinx Webpack ISE support RTL-synthesis of Verilog-2001?  If so, what
was the first version to support it?  I'm mainly looking at support for
'signed' number support.
(Signed regs, wires, inputs/outputs, and '>>>')

Re: Xilinx Webpack ISE and Verilog-2001?
Following link shows 2001 support on 5.1i ISE and later.


This information is extracted from the ISE software manual guide.


Regards, Wei

Verilog 2001 Support in XST

XST now supports the following Verilog 2001 features. For details on
Verilog 2001, see Verilog-2001: A Guide to the New Features by Stuart
Sutherland, or IEEE Standard Verilog Hardware Description Language
manual, (IEEE Standard 1364-2001).

     * Combined port/data type declarations
     * ANSI-style port lists
     * Module parameter port lists
     * ANSI C style task/function declarations
     * Comma separated sensitivity list
     * Combinatorial logic sensitivity
     * Default nets with continuous assigns
     * Disable default net declarations
     * Arrays of net data types
     * Signed reg, net, and port declarations
     * Signed based integer numbers
     * Signed arithmetic expressions
     * Arithmetic shift operators
     * Automatic width extension past 32 bits
     * Power operator
     * n sized parameters
     * Explicit in-line parameter passing
     * Fixed local parameters
     * Enhanced conditional compilation
     * File and line compiler directives

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