PCI FPGA Dev kits/SOPC boards

Hey all! I'me looking for a PCI card that would have an FPGA chip on it that i could re-program on the fly (without a power cycle).

Nothing fancy, though it would be nice if i could program the FPGA and the board would handle all PCI, memory and other access for me. (meaning i only would have to program the FPGA).

I want to be able from a custom software driver that i will make to re-program the fpga on the fly, and send data to be processed.

Thanks a lot!

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Andre Bonin
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How do I take an exisiting FPGA design ( say a xilinx Spartan IIE or III, designed in vhdl, simulated in ModelSim and is presently running successfully in an FPGA ) and cost reduce it as an ASIC:

  1. What type of quantities are needed to make ASIC viable
  2. Please name a couple of ASIC houses that do this sort of think, especially for the entry level market
3, What will I need to do to the FPGA design to facilitate its conversion to ASIC?

Thanks for bear with such a general question TL

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Ted Lechman

There are a couple of other options inbetween FPGA and standard-cell ASIC.

Have a look at Altera's Hardcopy and Xilinx's EasyPath products.

Then you have structured ASICs:

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It depends what FGPA specific features you use (special I/Os, DCMs, etc). The less the easier it will be.

Cheers, Jon

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Jon Beniston

Flextronics, AMI, google

Better if project has been designed fior FPGA & ASIC in mind from start.

FPGA to ASIC is easier as FPGAs are slower to start and may well pick up 2x or more speed in ASIC.

ASIC to FPGA has only speed to lose.

Also if you use any IP from FPGA such as BRAMs, multipliers, PLLs etc, the conversion will need all of these in equiv form as available IP.

You can checkout foundries websites & download asic cell lib info to get an idea of whats available and see if you need to make your design comform some.

regards johnjakson_usa_com

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john jakson

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