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Hi all, bitgen program in ISE can generate configuration bitstream that downloaded to the FPGA. In contrast, configuration bitstream, the currrent state of the registers in FPGA can also be readback. Create readback bitstream file by command line bitgen -w -l -m -g readback -g persist:X8... from application note XAPP176. So

*.rbb and *.msk can be generated. My question is, how to generate readback ASCII file? .rba Thank you in advance. fhleung
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In "Project Navigator" in the "Generate Bitstream"-process options, you have to activate the options "Create ASCII Configuration File" ("General Options" tab) and "Create Readback Data Files" ("Readback Options" tab), only then the .RBA is generated.

If you call bitgen from the command line, you have to add these options:

-b -g Readback

The documentation is wrong there (at least the doc for ISE5.2), as it states that it is enough to use the "-g Readback" option to generate the file.

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

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