Quartus II 4.0 SP1 Warning: Can't find design file .../projectname0.rtl.mif

I allways get the Quartus Warning:

Warning: Can't find design file .../projectname0.rtl.mif

I found out, this file is from a large Constant in my VHDL-Code which generates a ROM. The file is an "Other File" in the Project Navigator - if I "Remove this File from Project" the warning is generated at the next time compiling the project and the the file is in the list "Other Files" again.

What does this warning mean? Should I do anything?

Thanks, Manfred

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Manfred Balik
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Hi Manfred, This warning means that Quartus is unable to read the mif file, and therefore your ROM will not be initialized. I suspect it is the relative path that begins with ../ that is causing the problem, or the double extension(.rtl.mif) in the file name. If you are using a Megawizard to create the ROM, first specify a fully resolved path to the mif file. An example of such a path would be d:\bar\foo.mif I am assuming that you have created the mif file, and that it is not autogenerated.

If that does not work email me the piece of VHDL code that generates this ROM and we will be able to help you out.

- Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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Subroto Datta

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