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I am trying to create a Single Port Ram, using MegaWizard Plug in Manager in Quartus II 4.0. So I choose the Storage section: LPM_RAM_IO (which should have only one port for read/write), after typing the name, and clicking next, the function return to LPM_RAM_DQ (which has one port input and one output). Did anyone has this bug before??

I even checked the entity of the LPM_RAM_IO and there is dio[] inout port...LPM_RAM_DQ and LPM_RAM_IO are completely different modules!!!

Any help is much appreciated, regards, Ahmad.

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I havent seen this bug but wouldn't it be better to directly instantiate the single port ram in your code rather than using the wizard function?From what i have seen all they do is generate a standard instatiation with all the correct values plugged in. I don't use them myself because most of the time they seem more trouble then they are worth.

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There are those using the schematic approach...


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Rene Tschaggelar

This is true I can see that would be a problem if all your wizards called the wrong functions.It might make for an interesting design.It might produce something far more exciting than you originaly planned.

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