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Can we have 2 separate plb slaves in one IP ? I am trying to fit 2 slaves in one peripheral . I am not using IPIF . I have using different address spaces for the 2 slaves.The process goes on fine but NGDbuild gives me a problem. It gives me some errors saying that some signals like SL_wrdack , has multiple drivers. I have changed the mpd file and added 2 slaves separately

I added the following line in the mpd file and then separately used two set of interface signals to connect them. ## Bus Interfaces BUS_INTERFACE BUS = SPLB, BUS_STD = PLB, BUS_TYPE = SLAVE BUS_INTERFACE BUS = MPLB, BUS_STD = PLB, BUS_TYPE = MASTER BUS_INTERFACE BUS = SPLB, BUS_STD = PLB, BUS_TYPE = SLAVE Is it possible to do that ? Has anybody tried it 2 slaves in one peripheral.?

Thanks, Nitesh

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Yes you can have multiple bus interfaces in one peripheral, I have done it. The problem with the example above is that both slaves have the same name because "BUS = SPLB" is used twice. Give them different names both where the bus is defined, and every where the name is used.


John McCaskill.

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John McCaskill

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