Part of a ranged signal


I want to declare signal using range 0 to A and then only to take some MSB of this signal how can I do??

at the start my code was

generic( B: integer ) ..... signal temp (B downto 0); signal temp2(B-3 downto 0); .... temp2

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Mike Treseler

If your question is only VHDL related, then the real gurus can be found in comp.lang.vhdl.

Anyway, using "to" is not recommended, but you can use a for .. loop to convert "downto" to "to" bit by bit.


KCL wrote:

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Christian Schneider

In fact the problem is not on the translation to downto to to that was for the bit extraction but I did'nt know comp.lang.vhdl so thank for the tip

I will ask there



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