Newbie question about VHDL & Xilinx CoolrunnerII kit...


Be gentle, please! I've started reading "The Student's Guide to VHDL" and have puchased a CoolRunner II Development Kit from Xilinx (very nice and reasonably priced) - the kit gave me all the s/w I think I'll need for a while, though the manual is rubbish, hence the book. Book seems very good - accessible and easy to use - about half way through now - I program professionally anyway, and have an EE background, so its not too tough (quite fun actually...).

Now, I know very little about this subject, but I like making clocks... Is a digital alarm clock (7 seg LEDs or other display technology) a reasonable project to start out with? Normally I'd have done this with a PIC or AVR, but it occurred to me that using a CPLD would be... well... different....

But is it sensible? I would appreciate any comments on this approach, preferably helpful ;-)

BTW. This is *not* a student project - my student days were about 25 years ago, hence my having "fun" learning different stuff...

Many thanks


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Yup, a CPLD should be able to handle this real easily. Even a 6-digit clock should only need about 40 FFs and a few dozens of gates.


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