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when trying to do a simulation, I get this:

Completed process "Generate Post-Translate Simulation Model".

ERROR: Hidden remap failed

Launching Application for process "Simulate Post-Translate VHDL Model".

not only it doesn't display a reason, but the program's so stupid it still
runs the simulator;
has anybody gotten a similar error?

the generate expected result simulation didn't fare much better as HDL
bencher generates an invalid script.

this happened when I started to introduce new types in the code

note to xilinx: your software guys should be locked away from computers;
just outsource the tools to people that know how to write software...

Re: hidden remap failed
I did some more tests and realized that hdl bencher doesn't generate proper
scripts when I use custom types;
has anybody found a workaround?

On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:54:57 GMT, Thomas

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