post-PAR simulation model

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in ISE project navigator, when I run the 'generate post-PAR simulation
model' process, I get a warning below:

WARNING:NetListWriters:108 - In order to compile this verilog file
successfully, please add $XILINX/verilog/src/glbl.v to your compile command.

I'm using a GUI software, how can I change its default command line under
the button?

Re: post-PAR simulation model
The "glbl.v" module connects the global signals to the design, which makes
it necessary to compile this module with the other design files and to load
it along with the "toplevel.v" file or the "testbench.v" file for

You need to compile it in the simulator, with the timing netlist.

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Re: post-PAR simulation model
You mean the warning is a suggestion for the simulation process.
and nothing wrong with the model ISE generated.

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