Problem Timing Simulation CoolRunner II Design Kit

I am new to CPLD/FPGA programming. I have recently perchaged CoolRunner II EDK. I am trying to implement example VHDL Traffic Light Controller program from the Design Kit Programmable logic guide. I successfully completed Synthesis, Translate and fitted the design in xc2c256-7tq144. Thereafter, when I run "Simulate Post-Fit Model" the ModelSim XE 6.0a is invoked, simlation runs upto successful simulation and stops. When I view the simulation result in the wave-default window, I don't see FSM outputs "red_light" , "amber_light" , and "green_light" changed from low. Both the clock and reset input signal are toggling OK. If anybody knows why the ouput are not displayed on the wavefrom windows. I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Nabin Shrestha

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