Functional Simulation QuartusII

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I have a question concerning the inputs of a VHDL module when simulating with the Altera QuartusII Waveform Editor. The input CONTROL shall be a registered signal from a different module. When doing a functional simulation I edit the waveform in that form you can see so that CONTROL changes its value right with rising edge of CLK. So I want to reproduce the registered input signal CONTROL. But when starting the functional simulation I get the error message: "Found clock-sensitive change during active clock edge ...", of course. My question: How can I reproduce the clock synchronous input CONTROL without violating setup-time? (using the Waveform Editor !!!)

Thank you for your help.

Andre V. G&D System Development

-------- -------- -------- | | | | | | | | | | | | CLK | |___________| |___________| |___________

------------------------------------------- | | CONTROL _____________________|

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Delay the control signal for some nano seconds

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