debugging microblaze with xmd


since I upgraded the EDK 3.2 to 6.1 (with service pack 1) I'm having problems with debugging. To debug I do the following:

- add next two lines to mss file


- set in makefile the optimization off (-O0)

- set in makefile mode to xmdstub (instead of executable)

- set in makefile compiler option -g (generating debug information)

after downloading the bitfile, the program starts to run (very very slowly, but it runs! while I'm expecting that it should not run!). After starting xmd, I try to connect:

mbconnect stub -comm serial -port com1 -baud 115200

and the next error was generated:

XMD% mbconnect stub -comm serial -port com1 -baud 115200 ERROR: Unable to sync with stub on the board using the UART Closing serial port Unable to establish connection to xmdstub Unable to connect to MicroBlaze Target

Does anyone have an idea? The described procedure was working with EDK 3.2 and ISE 5.2...

Thanks, Frank

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If your download.bit contains xmdstub (typically the case for XMDSTUB mode), the xmdstub starts to execute after the bitfile is downloaded.. After the following changes in mss file, did you update your bitstream ?

Looks like your download.bit file does not contain xmdstub. Updating the bitstream should have xmdstub in your design. There is no change in EDK6.1 and the design should work.


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Raj Nagarajan

I found the problem. The problem was that the bitfile also contained my application code (the .elf file was a mix from xmdstub and my application due to a mistake in the makefile). In EDK 3.2 the script was used, which automatically took the right stuff to put in the bitfile (xmdstub or the executable). In EDK 6.1 this script is not used anymore. Since I run everything from the command line, I have to change the way for updating the bitfile in case of debugging and that was what I forgot...

anyway, thanks for your help, Frank



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