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Hi, group,

I plan to buy digilent combo board DIO2 combo. Does anybody know if a download cable will be included in the package? also, do they provide the software like foundation or webpack?

I plan to implement some work of dsp, like FFT, FILTER. Hope this spartan II (200k gates) FPGA on this board helps. Has anybody tried that on digilent's board either?


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Yes parallel port


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Jan Panteltje


Yes, the cable is included. But you need dowload de webpack from xilinx's site.

I'm doing a OFDM in my D2-DIO2 combo, that have a IFFT.

I'm using the FFT from

formatting link
because de FFT from Coregen don't work properly in Spartan-2.

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Hi, I am also trying to use a digilent board together with the coregen fft. You are saying the fft does not work. can you elaborate? Would you be willing to share your code with me so that I have an example of a working implementation?

Thank you very much for your time,

Jan Beck

T> Hello,



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