FPGA : Decimation Filter

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Hi I want to implement a 32 tap decimation filter in xilinx with reloadable

I would like to get a decimation filter structure suitable for me.

can use maximum 1 multiplier and 3 BRAMs

how can i get a structure for the same

Suggestions are welcome

rgds bijoy

re:FPGA : Decimation Filter
What is the system frequency
What are input data and coefficients widths
Which Xilinx component is targeted


--  Techwa
-- Techwa

Re: FPGA : Decimation Filter

My decimation filter input data rate : 8.832 M Samples/sec

clock frequency can go upto 35.328 x 2

input clock available is 35.328 MHz we can use DCM available in xilinx to
increase the clock frequency.

(presently i am using 35.328 x 2 Mhz)

input data and coefficient width = 16

xilinx part : spartan-3 xc50K device 144 TDFP, speed grade -4


regards bijoy

re:FPGA : Decimation Filter
I don't know spartan devices. I only work with Virtex-II and virtex-I
I have a look on spartan datasheet and according to your requirement
I don't see how you can do except if decimation ratio is greater tha
4 (or if you increase clock rate upto (decimation filter input dat
I've seen you can use up to 4 multipliers. Why do you want to use onl


--  Techwa
-- Techwa

Re: re:FPGA : Decimation Filter
Distributed Arithmetic implementations of filters don't need to use the
silicon multipliers provided by the FPGA. With your sample rate being
much lower than the FPGA clock rate a DA filter may be what you want.
The DA filter processes samples 1(or more) bits per clock cycle. For
minimum FPGA logic use you would process 1 bit of the sample word per
clock cycle. So in your case, 16 clock cycles per sample would be
required so you would need a clock rate of 8.8x16 = 140 MHz. (you can
use the spartan 3 DCM frequency synthesizer to get a clock rate around

In the DA filter there are LUTs that calculate the partial products for
the multiplies. I have seen newsgroup posts describing how one can use
SRL16's(xilinx) instead of the LUT. This allows the LUT to be reloaded
in a serial fashion if you want to change the coefficients.

Disclaimer: I have implemented a DA filter before but I admit I have
not done a decimation filter so I don't know for sure that DA
technqiues are appropriate for decimation filters. Most probably there
are further logic savings you can achieve because the post decimation
sample rate is lower than the incoming sample rate.

Search the newsgroup for distributed arithmetic and you will get heaps
of good hits.


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