Re: DA FIR filter vs. MAC FIR filter

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Ray thanks for the answer! Searching this forum I also found your past

answers to this question.

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The device is Virtex2 Pro. Its system clock is 108MHz or 125 MHz not decided

yet. And the filter coefficients are constant (not reconfigurable).

I have some additional question about FIR filter and its decimation


In my DDC after a CIC filter I would like to place this FIR filter, the

question is:

Is better to use FIR with decimation capability, or to use higher decimation

rate in CIC filter and use the FIR only as low pass filter?

CIC decimation is 32

FIR decimation is 4

The second way will allow me to do a time multiplex of this FIR because I

will have instead of 1/32 Fs the 1/128 Fs and also the number of taps will

be reduced, is this correct. Also this Fs is low enough to use MAC FIR.

Best regards, Sasa

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