Making timing assignment in Quartus


when fitting my design (120MHz clock from PLL) I get some timing violations reported.

For example:

Slack -2.115 ns Actual fmax 79.61MHz

From reg_starge: REG_STAGE_1 | l_ulpi_ack

To ... l_ulpi_ack_h1

From Clock pll_bank1: ...|clk0

Required Setup Relationship 4.166ns Required Longest P2P Time 4.246ns Actual Longerst P2P Time 6.361ns

To correct these timing violations I open the Assignment Editor and specify a timing assignment for these registered nodes:

From l_ulpi_ack

To l_ulpi_ack_h1 Assignment Name Setup Relationship Value 4 ns Enabled Yes

Is that assignment sufficient to avoid the timing violation above ? Or would be an assignment "Maximum Delay" more appropiate ? What is the recommended approach ?

Thank you for your help and opinion.

Rgds Andr=E9

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