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Hello, I get the same error as described by Record Number: 18857. I run ModelSim 5.5F SE and ISE 6. Both tools are 2002 and later versions hence must be VITAL compliant. I keep my fingers crossed for the solution. Tnx, Johnny 6.1i COMPXLIB - "ERROR: Could not open library vital2000 at vital2000: No such file or directory" General Description: Using COMPXLIB to compile simulation libraries from the command line results in an error similar to the following: "ERROR: Could not open library vital2000 at vital2000: No such file or directory ###### C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(74): library VITAL2000; ERROR: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(74): Library vital2000 not found. ###### C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\simprim_Vcomponents_mti.vhd(75): use VITAL2000.VITAL_Timing

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ISE 6.1i was updated to VITAL2000 in order to get faster and more accurate timing on the libraries, especially for the RAM models. ModelSim did not support VITAL2000 until their 5.6 release (they are currently at 5.8) so you need at least that release to simulate a current ISE design. You have the choice of either upgrading your simulator or downgrading your ISE tool but the two need to follow somewhat in sync in order to get the best features of both.

Wish I had better news for you.

-- Brian

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