NIOS generated code

I think NIOS and SOPC builder are great products. However, there are a couple things I find annoying regarding the generated Verilog code when it comes to compatibility with third party synthesis tools and simulators. They are:

  • Support of specific synthesis tool only. The generated code have statements like:

//exemplar translate_off

Rather than:

//synthesis translate_off

  • Mix of design and testbench code in the same file

The generated top level NIOS file contains the following structure:

module nios32 ...etc... endmodule

//exemplar translate_off

`include "/eda/sim_lib/220model.v" `include "cpu.v" ...

module test_bench ; ... endmodule //exemplar translate_on

I would prefer if the testbench was generated in a separate file (testbench.v or similar). This would ease simulation of the NIOS in my own environment. In this case I would simply not include testbench.v.

Sanity checks and assertions included in //synthesis translate_off/on pairs are of course ok.

  • Use of `ifdef MODEL_TECH

Not a big issue I as I can do a +define+MODEL_TECH (even though it took me a while to figure this out) in my favorite simulator. However, I think more descriptive preprocessor variable names would be better, e.g.

//synthesis translate_off `ifdef NIOS_SIM_GEN_OPCODE assign opcode = ((((~instruction[15] && ~instruction[14] ... //synthesis translate_on

In some cases the simulation wont work if you don't define MODEL_TECH, e.g. like in:

`ifdef MODEL_TECH //////////////// SIMULATION-ONLY CONTENTS altsyncram the_altsyncram ( ...

I don't know the reason behind this structure since the synthesis tool wont touch this code. The `ifdef MODEL_TECH could have been left out.

  • Use of include. The generated code will look like:

`include "/eda/sim_lib/altera_mf.v" `include "/eda/sim_lib/220model.v" `include "cpu.v"

The first two will cause problems for third party tools since they have no clue where to look. Further the path is absolute so I can't fix this in DC-FPGA by setting the search_path variable.

There is no need for include statements in this case. The filenames can be included on the command line or file input list in a synthesis tool or simulator.

It appears that my synthesis tool is processing the include statements even inside // synthesis translate_off (I guess the could be a synthesis translate_on in the include file), which results in an error when it hits the absolute path.

Are these issues present in NIOS-II?


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