Service manual for Tektronix 2225 scope

Hi to all,

I'm new to this group and I would like to know if one of you have a PDF copy of the service manual for the Tektronix 2225 scope. If so, can you send it to my e-mail.



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Benoit Bissonnette
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check the for tektronix, 2225. There is a 2225 pdf op manual.

If there is still need for details in the circuit, I can offer to scan one or two of the schematics of the service manual to help find the fault. (if there is any).

hth, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

I already have the operation manual but thanks for the info.

Here's my problem:

I see no trace on the CRT. With the beam find button I can see a dot and can move it with the horizontal and vertical pot.

The time / division knob seems to have no effect. The only position where I can see something is in the XY mode but it's at the bottom of the CRT and can't move it from there.

Do you have a clue where I should start looking? If you have a schematic is it possible to send a scan copy by e-mail?

Denis Cobley said to try the following but without a schematic it's hard to guess wich wire it is:

Check the TO5 package transistors next to the rear of the CRT - they often break legs and they form part of the vertical output circuit. The other thing is to check the vert deflection voltages - you should see similar on both plates with the position controls in the middle of their range. The other thing you can do is to disconnect the vertical leads from the CRT and the trace should centre as the voltages will be similar (both zero).

Any help or idea is greatly appreciated.

The 2 TO5 transistor have already been replaced in the pass by the look of the solder. They are currently 2N3866.



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Benoit Bissonnette

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