Tektronix 2467B Oscilloscope Error Codes

Hi, I am getting these error codes on startup on my Tektronix 2467B Scope. I get "CT Test 84 Fail 40" I don't think it is just a calibration error as I have been lead to beleive. After this you can jit A/B Trigger to Exit and you get Two rows of Dots on the screen. Any help would be appreciated I love this scope and want to fix it properly.....................Bill..................

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William T Barry
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Hi Bill,

It's not the scope that's failing, it's the counter timer option that's failing. You need to find a service manual for that option. If worse comes to worst, it's possible to remove the option. I've done it before a long time ago. IIRC there's some jumpers on the main board that need to be added when the cables connected to the CT are removed.

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My Tektronix 2467B Oscilloscope has these options 06,10, 11. My problem is I get this error message on startup CT Test 84 Fail 40 and of course you hit the A/B Trigger to get to a scope screen. I am not too keen on using a broken scope I am not sure of it's accuracy. Anyone who can give me some assistence I would greatly appreciate. This erro is not listed in any of the service manuals I have for this scope............Thankx......Bill..................

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William T Barry

You can find the service manual for the 2467B options here :

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Your problem is in the counter timer section and should not affect the calibration of the main scope.

Your Error message is detailed in the manual above, page 5-6


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William T Barry wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:

CT is counter-timer,but I don't have the manual(separate from the scope manual,naturally...) for the CT option,and no list of it's codes. chances are,you have a cap failure on the CT board,I used to have to replace some small tubular ceramic chip caps;0.1uf,IIRC.

But First,I'd check to see that a trigger pickoff cable has not come loose from the motherboard of the scope,or from the option card itself.

the options are underneath the top coverplate of the scope,after you remove the case.there's a small options motherboard that the cards plug into. IIRC,you have the counter-time,GPIB(opt10),and I can't remember what opt.11 is. Might be some EMI mod. Opt.5 was TV trigger/TV line select.

I'm working strictly from memory on this,I have no manuals or other data to refer to anymore.

BTW,there was a funky extender kit to be able to service the options assembly with it off the main scope chassis. it was a bunch of cables,you can probably rig up something that will work for that,if necessary.

Jim Yanik
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