UPDATE: Simple Philips LPC210x ARM board

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I've just updated my web page:


Although the board hasn't been tested yet (I'll get a couple of PCBs in
2 1/2 weeks time) I've made the design files available for anyone who
doesn't mind taking a risk. I'm paying about $60 for my boards, from Olimex.

The LPC2104 costs under $9 (250 off). I got four samples free from a UK
distributor - I'm using the chip in a couple of designs for clients.

I've downloaded the latest GNU tools and have the assembler, linker etc.
and GDB working under Cygwin. They seem to be working OK - a test
program assembles and links and can be debugged with GDB.


Re: UPDATE: Simple Philips LPC210x ARM board
With the current excitement in getting GDB/Cygwin running.

Would you please specify your system hardware and version of Windows.

Please also post the url where you download all this.


Leon Heller wrote:

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Re: UPDATE: Simple Philips LPC210x ARM board

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I'm got an Athlon CPU with 512 MB RAM, running WinME.

I think I downloaded everything from a GNU mirror. Actual downloads I
used were:


I followed Bill Gatliff's instructions:


with appropriate changes for the newer versions.


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