Lantronix X-Port problems & serial to ethernet servers

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Hi All,

Back in April this year there was a few posts to this group about the
new embedded x-port server from Lantronix.

I am interested in how many people are using these little devices and
are writing Java Applets for them? I am a little concerned about the
lack of security on these devices, as anyone on the network can just
write data to the ports to control the IO pins and serial link.

I have brought myself two of the XPort samples, but have been having
trouble getting the 'Environmental Control Sample Solution' running. I
have to assume someone has this working fine and that I am doing
something wrong?

My problem is with getting the Java Applet running ( I
can upload the two pre complied cob files (from the CD) to the Xport
fine however when I try to open the page
http://xx.xx.xx.xx/thermostat.html I just get the applet outline and
after about 10 seconds a blank page with nothing else. I can download
the thermostat.gif and thermostat.html etc, so i know the cob files are
getting uploaded correctly, just the applet does not run.

I have got the GPIO example from Lantronix and have now modified it and
uploaded it fine so I know that some java applets work fine. After all
the thermostat is the only one I can't get working!

Any ideas?

I have emailed tech support and found this to be not that helpful.

What are designers using their Xports for? I wish to use them for
controlling rs232 projects over the network. I was hoping to just add
the Xport, but have found now that I need to add some password
protection on the RS232 link side as the Xport has just about none.
Anyone can write data to any port!!

Having a serial port that can only go upto 230Kbs is a little limiting
as well. Would have been nice to have a SPI port or even the ProFibus
connected to the outside world. The ProFiBus was 12Mbps!!

Wayne Peacock

Embedded Ethernet, Data & GPS Logging Systems, Nokia F-Bus Interfacing
AVR Microcontroller Designs, MP3 Players.


Re: Lantronix X-Port problems & serial to ethernet servers
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I'm using the XPort to network enable some old designs mainly using just the
serial to network features. The web server adds a few handy things so that
people can review the state of the machine without having to load the system
software. I found that users usually needed to download the Sun JRE because
the Microsoft one didn't always work.


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