ARM development board

Hi, I am searching an ARM development board around 100$. the development board which i have to purchase must have an ethernet

connection. also please tell me that from where in INDIA I should purchase it.

Thanks. Er.Hemant

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Here you are:

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Would you like me to write your code as well? I might need more than a two line spec though.

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I never knew INDIA was an Acronym, what does it stand for?


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According to a line in the movie "Outsourced", it stands for "I'll Never Do It Again".

The line is spoken by a westerner (a Brit, IIRC), and from the context, "it" refers to accepting a temporary job assignment in India. By the end of the film, the bitter/confused/lost American to whom the above line was spoken eventually acclimates enough that he begins to appreciate India.

Hey, you asked...

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