Cheap ARM Board?

Hey all, I need advice and help finding the right board for the job. I'm a student and need only need one board as it's for a hobby project.

I need an embedded board that:

  • Is small (hopefully less than 70 x 70 mm). But anything that's less than a pocket calculator's form factor is fine.

  • Low power consuming.

  • Has an ARM 7 or better processor.
  • Can run QNX or Linux.
  • Easy to program. I want to be able to quickly and easily program/reflash the board.

  • Good I/O support.

  • Cheap. I'm on a budget and only need one board.

A great example would be the gumstix but it is too expensive (and I don't need it to be that powerful, even a 50 MHz chip is fine for me, as long as it can run Linux or QNX).

So if anyone knows of anything similar, I would appreciate your ideas.

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Perhaps a better bang for the buck might be an entire computer -- A Nintendo DS runs DS-linux, plus a homebrew access card like an M3 Real and you can access flash cards with a FAT file system, 2 screens, WiFi, touch screen etc etc ... for the cost of a used DS on Ebay, and an M3 DS/Real + a 1GB or better SD card (micro?) ... cheap, easy and powerful.

3rd pary MEMS, IO and other interfaces exist as well ...

HTH, Rob Sciuk

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Sparkfun has some ARM board that are not very expensive imo.

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Stefan Arentz

First I am no expert with QNX and my focus in ARM7 has been on the LPC2000. There are some proposals to tools, including boards but mostly specific to the LPC2000 series from NXP on this site:

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For boards capable of running Linux my best bet is
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for high quality boards with Linux support for board only and less support
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Please take a look at the Eddy Modules. Realtime Linux included.

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best regards Thorsten

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Thorsten Trenz

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