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Hi I have a few questions about arm development 1) JTag ICE is connect to development board through serial port, then how can it possible to debug the arm cpu? Is JTag ICE can devug any arm development board that have a serial port? 2) I want to buy a cheap arm ICQ, development board and development tool, any suggestion?

thanks from Peter ( snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com)

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"Serial" yes. "RS232" no.

No. The "ICE" is in the microcontroller. The JTAG interface lets you halt the micro, inspect and modify its state, and generate bus cycles that appear to originate from the microcontroller core. By implication, this means that you can inspect and modify the micro's address space.

MOST - but not all - ARM-cored microcontrollers support JTAG debugging. Check the vendor's datasheet to be sure.

What is an ICQ? Do you mean an ICE? Use the embedded ICE functionality provided over JTAG.

What are your requirements for the ARM core? (Speed, core variant, required peripherals). This will dictate what we can recommend to you as "a cheap ARM development board".

The one true way of low-cost development toolchains for ARM is the GNU gcc/gas/ld suite.

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