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Can anyone point me to an ARM development platform based on a WinCE or Linux OS and includes device drivers for IIC and SPI I/O. So far all the platforms I have come across do not include SPI or IIC drivers. This platform will be used for application development only, so I don't want to spend time writing the drivers. Thanks in advance.

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I've done a few projects where I selected an ARM architecture, most recently with Embedded Linux as well. It was quite good. This particular application needed USB Host capability too, and the best option turned out to be an ATMEL AT9000 based system. They have other ARM variants as well. The AT9000 (I think that was the flavour) development board was insanely expensive ($5000), whereas some of their other ARM boards are cheaper ($200 or so).

Support wasn't great, nor was the load that came with the board, but the community support was quite strong, and we ended up with a functional Linux kernal on our ARM9 with good results, and built apps on top of it.

I recall the Intel (Formerly Digital) StrongArm SA1100 being very good, and the SA1110 also getting strong reviews. Sadly, when revisiting it later, it appeared Intel had ditched in favour of some other parts that were looking pretty lousy. But if you are doing something hobby-like you might be able to find an old StrongArm board cheap somewhere. For product though you need to consider other options, like the ATMEL.


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