Is it possible to program PLC's with C?

Hey Guys:

I am a hobbist C programmer and I was wondering if it was possible to program PLC's with ansi C, and if so any suggested books or links...


Pat Cavanagh

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Pat Cavanagh
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The answer is definitely maybe possible.

Who are the makers? Where are you buying it from? What brand of PLC? Which favor of microcontroller? How much do you want to spend?

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Yes, there are PLC's that can be programmed in C. But I'm too lazy now to google them up. Of course, these aren't really traditional PLC's anymore, since they don't use ladder diagrams or other traditional PLC programming methods.

What you want is probably a ready-to-use controller with easy to use inputs and (relay) outputs of some sort.

You can also have a look at

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who have a reasonable variety of this kind of controllers.

Frank Bemelman
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Frank Bemelman

The C or assembler languages are usually used to write the firmware for a PLC, but I haven't seen any, in which the application is done in C.

However, if you are familiar with the Pascal or Modula programming languages, you should quite quickly adapt to the Structured Text (ST) language, which is part of the IEC 1131 (or 61131) environment. The IEC 1131 environment is quite popular in various kinds of peripherals and controllers from a large number of manufacturers.


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Paul Keinanen

Yes it is.

The PLC's made by my firm(a german firm) are programmable in IEC1131 - but the american market don't like IEC1131 and so we've developed a PLC programmable in C(there is an RTOS inside) and too - in UML.

If you want more informations -> please answer me in the newsgroup.

Greetings from Germany! Ralf

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Ralf Neuber

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