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hi, I would like to buy a development kit with ARM and dsp dual core chip. I have seen the Innovator kit(TI), the AT75C220-DK-SMEC kit, Atlas-A kit and EVM320VC5471 kits . I have a couple of questions.

  1. Are there other kits? If Yes, please post some links
  2. Which would be a good buy?. Or what should be the questions I should be asking before deciding on a kit?

Any pointers whill appreciated. Thanks in advance Ed

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I don't see a kit listed for it, but another good processor choice is TI's OMAP which includes a C55xx dsp core and an ARM 925 core on the same device. TI has boards and the OMAP version of Code Composer Studio.

The same Code Composer Studio works with the 320C547x.


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The AD6532 is an ARM + Blackfin.

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Hello Cedi,

EPIGON has the following.

NET+ARM 50 with Blackfin DSP ( 600 MHz version).

In the above, NET+ARM50 has uClinux OS on it. Hope the above helps.

Kind Regards jk

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Is that the AD6532 on a different development board?

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The question is WHY you want to the ARM+DSP. If you need any specific S/W suite for the DSP, then it is nice to know that in advance. The AT75C221 (replaces 220) is focused on VoIP and will provide a ucLinux and there is a SIP stack available for it.

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